Week 5

This week was pretty crazy! We started off with some zone calcio (that’s what they call soccer) on p-day. It was pretty fun, but all the Italians that were watching us were laughing so hard at how bad we were. I guess we really all are true Americans haha. Then we blitzed the city that night meaning that most of our zone went out and did finding together with a big finding method called “gesso”. Gesso means chalk, essentially what we did was draw a message on a sheet in chalk and then lay it out in the middle of a piazza and talk to people that look interested. We actually picked up a few new investigators with it which was pretty awesome.

Later this week we had a lesson with one of our African investigators. We were waiting for him outside of the store that he usually begs outside of. And before you get the wrong idea of him, let me explain the culture here. There are boatloads of African refugees that come to Italy everyday, mostly from Nigeria and Ghana. They come to escape religious persecution or because they have heard life in Italy is better. The only problem is is that life is not much better for them here. They don’t have legal documents and they can’t speak Italian, so none of them work and to survive they have to beg. Begging is also way more common here especially because of cultures like the gypsies (which yes, gypsies are very real) and because of the amount of refugees. Anyways, we were waiting for our investigator to come, but we felt like we should go to the bus station, so we left deciding we could teach him another time. When we got there we found him at the bus station. He was having a really rough day because he had lost a family member the night before. We were able to comfort him and tell him a little bit about the plan of salvation. This really cheered him up. I am so glad we listened to that spiritual prompting and were able to help him in a way that our planned lesson would not have been able to do.

One thing I have really learned this week is the benefit to recognizing people’s needs and answering those needs with the gospel. We had another investigator going through a similar struggle because her dad has cancer. We were able to relate with her and comfort her as well. It is amazing the effect the gospel can have on people when they can see how it helps their life and can feel the joy that comes from it.


  1. A brioss, essentially the original ice cream sandwich aka the essence of dolci perfection
  2. A pork chop made by Sorella Spadafora, a member who on countless occasions has told me that she will cook for Jesus in heaven
  3. My comp. Anziano Hansen and Sorella Spadafora with the lasagna we made
  4. The Zone Calcio squad
  5.  They set up a broadcast of the Real Madrid/Juventus final. This was a sick bicycle kick goal that happened about 20 min in. Soccer is like one of three things Italians all love

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