Deep Doctrine with a Mason

Ciao tutti,

This last week has been pretty great! We had a goal of getting 5 people on date for baptism and we hit it! On Wednesday we had a lesson with some immigrants from Ghana. One of them was already on date from our last lesson with them the previous Sunday, and Wednesday we challenged the other and he told us he is ready now. Then on Saturday we had a lesson with an Italian woman that has been working with the missionaries for a while. She told us that she believes the church is true, but that she doesn’t know why but she isn’t sure about baptism. However, we got her to accept a date and she promised us she would pray about baptism and try and progress towards it. She already pretty much follows all the commandments, so to be honest I really think it is just matter of time until she gets baptized. If it doesn’t happen now it will eventually.

For p-day last week and today we played some basketball. It’s fun with a good squad of Mormon missionaries that haven’t actually worked out for a range of 6 months to 2 years, but at the same time for some reason we all were so much better than any of the Italians we saw playing. That’s probably partly because pretty much the only sport that people play here is calcio (soccer).

One cool thing that happened this week was that this free-mason guy came up to us and started talking to us about Jesus. He had some cool things to say about how He had two different kinds of qualities. Those that were visible like miracles and teaching and those that were invisible like charity, love, and friendship. He then contended that the reason the people crucified Him was because they could not or would not see those invisible qualities and therefore could not or would not understand Him and His gospel. Then he went on to give us an American 1 dollar bill and pointed out the symbolism of the pyramid on the back. He talked about how the eye represents God’s all seeing eye and the rest of the pyramid recognizes the world. God’s eye sees everything, but the world does not see all like how we cannot see the the real top of the pyramid. Then he started to talk about some weird stuff like the illuminati (hence the subject line), but what I really liked about what he had to say is the Idea that we need to learn to see and have those Christ-like qualities that are not always so evident in daily life because they provide an even clearer view of who our Savior really was.

Anyways that’s about it for this week. Nothing too crazy happened, but the work here in Cosenza is really starting to pick up. It is a good feeling to be teaching lessons all the time. One of our investigators met with us three times this week and lessons are always great because you feel like you are having real success by teaching people. However, don’t get the idea that finding isn’t as important. Nothing happens without finding. However unsuccessful you may feel after walking through the whole city and not getting a single new investigator you have to keep going because the good work like lessons can’t happen without it. Plus, God blesses those who are diligent even in the face of failure.

Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Findlay

  1. A gesso that I drew for some finding in Catanzaro during our blitz there
  2. Some real Pizze Margherite (which is the real plural for Margherita pizzas, which is also the real name for cheese pizza) we ate with an investigator
  3. Got my hair cut, but in Italy they cut your hair how they want, I ended up with a Riga along my part which is where they shave a line into your head
  4. A beach in Catanzaro with my name tag.
  5. The same beach earlier that day that I snagged right at sunset, just beautiful


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