Week 7 – A lot of Africans

Ciao Carissimi!

This week was pretty lit because it was the beginning of my second transfer in Italy! For those of you who don’t know what that means, a transfer is a period of 6 weeks where your companion and location doesn’t change. At the end of each transfer you get what are called transfer calls. This is when you receive your assignment for the next transfer: your new companion and your new city. My companion and I were not moved from our current city Cosenza. However one Anziano in our district finished his mission this last transfer, so we had to stay with him until his new companion got here on Thursday. We spent Monday and Tuesday in Catanzaro with him, then came back to Cosenza Wednesday, and then on Thursday we dropped him off with his new companion. It was pretty cool to hang out with another missionary for half a week.

We taught a lot of lessons again this week. We finished teaching all the important stuff to one of our investigators which was awesome, but she doesn’t feel ready for baptism. We will have to keep having lessons with her to get her ready for her date later in July. We only have one big lesson left with three of our other investigators on date for baptism. Two of them are from Ghana and they pretty much soak up everything we tell them. The other is from the Philippines. He is really excited to get baptized, but like most people in Italy he smokes a lot. We are working with him to break this habit so he can be baptized.

Our two friends from Ghana are incredible missionaries themselves. Something about Africans is that they pretty much never do anything alone. They always bring friends. These two simps (short for simpatizzanti which means investigators, just FYI so y’all don’t get confused) they have come to church for the last 3 Sundays. Last Sunday they brought one friend, but this past Sunday they brought 3 more. Their were a total of 6 Africans in church which is literally equal to half of the active ward. We taught a huge lesson to them after sacrament meeting about faith in Christ and His example for us. It’s pretty funny because we literally never go finding to get African simps! They just come to us!

Se qualcuno di voi vorreste mandarmi e-mail in Italiano, per favore non esitare. Io penso che sia un buon modo per praticare il mio Italiano. Sono stato imparando tantissimo, e lo so che posso ringraziare Padre Celeste per tutte le cose che io ho imparato. Il dono delle lingue é reale.

Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Findlay

  1. Me and Anziano Blackwell, the Anziano in my district that just went home
    2-4. Some cool art I saw at an art gallery

One thought on “Week 7 – A lot of Africans

  1. Loved getting 2 new emails from you. I’ve been out of town for 2 weeks and didn’t have a chance to open email for a while. I went to southern California for my nephew, Uncle Nick’s son), Brian Baker’s wedding reception. I stopped in Hemet to pick up my aunt Phyllis and took her with me. then I went to Nick’s house for a week, and then to a family reunion at Aunt Phyllis house. It was great to see all but 2 of my cousins again. We also. I stopped to see a few old friends on the way home. It was a great trip, and very relaxing because I had a lot of down time in which to do whatever I wanted. Sounds like you had a similar experience in your mission work this week.
    Love you lots and am proud of your hard work,


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