Interviewin’ some Africans

Ciao carissimi

This past week has been super full of just nitty-gritty missionary work, but also has been really exciting. We started the week out by pretty much just chilling for P-day on Monday. On Tuesday we had District meeting as usual, but we made sure to do some good old American celebrations for the 4th of July. We made some dank cheeseburgers and hotdogs for lunch and then had some apple pie that the sister missionaries made for the district. It was probably the most American thing I’ve done in a long time. There are tons of missionaries that have been out way longer though, so it’s not so bad. On Wednesday we taught a lesson to our African investigators to prepare them for their baptismal interviews for Saturday. After that we did 5 straight hours of finding which actually isn’t uncommon out here. It’s also not uncommon to do that and get the corns thrown at you more than once throughout the day (which if you don’t know what that is it’s like the middle finger out here). Then Thursday we did service, finding, and English course as usual. Friday we did our last lesson in preparation for their interviews.

Saturday was lit, so it gets its own paragraph. Our three African investigators, Kingsford, George, and Bismarck, had their interviews on Saturday. To make sure they are ready to be baptized they have to be interviewed by our mission president. They each went in one by one and came out with huge smiles on their faces. If everything goes well, next week we will be having a baptism for three Africans on the 15th, only two days after my birthday! I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present! I’m so excited to see them get baptized next Saturday.

Mi porta così tanta gioia che queste persone stanno venendo più vicino a Cristo. Io so che loro sono pronti per i loro battesimi. Anche io so che il battesimo è la cosa più importante che loro possano fare in questo momento nelle loro vite. Io amo di vedere quando il vangelo cambia le vite delle persone per il meglio. Se io potessi capire la gioia che hanno il nostro Padre e Gesù quando le persone si battezzano, sono sicuro che sarei la persona più felice nel universo. Sono molto grato per quest’opportunità che io ho di portare le persone in Italia a Gesù.

Buona fortuna a tutti di voi che siete missionari! Spero che voi possiate trovare le persone pronte per il vangelo. Io so che a volte può essere un po’ deficile, ma non poi smettere mai!

(Click here for English translation)

Vi voglio bene,

Anziano Findlay

  1. Apple pie for 4th of July
  2. Homemade Puccie, a Puccia is a kind of sandwich from the south of Italy, it is essentially a grilled sandwich with sliced prosciutto, mozzarella, and mayo.
    3-4. I made some panzerotti for P-day lunch today. They weren’t incredible, but it was fun to try

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