Swimming Pools

This week was incredible to say the least. We were pretty busy all week planning the baptism, making sure to stay in contact with our three investigators, and setting up our swimming pool of baptismal font. We also picked up a couple new investigators that were both referrals from members which was pretty cool and pretty rare. However the highlight of the week was getting to see our three African friends get in the water. I got to baptize George, the oldest of the three. It was so cool to see how happy they were to make this covenant. When they rolled into to church the next day they all had huge smiles and were dressed in brand new white shirts and ties. When we confirmed them Bismark, the most ready of them, started crying because he was so happy. They each bore incredible testimonies about how they felt after baptism and how they came to know the church was true. They really are a blessing for the branch out here in Cosenza which hasn’t seen a baptism in almost 3 years, and what is even cooler is that we are still working with one of their friends and we are hoping that Bismark will be able to get the priesthood and baptize him him in about a month.

Besides the baptisms we didn’t do too much. We visited some members and did our best to try and get everyone to the baptism. Luckily our whole district was able to come and do stuff for the baptism. One crazy thing that happened was that the Catanzaro Anziani’s train broke down, so they missed their connecting train back to their city. They had to catch a bus back to Cosenza and spend the night with us. It ended up all working out though. They got back to Catanzaro in time for church the next day without any problems.

Comunque, Io so che le vite dei questi Africani, Kingsford, George, e Bismark, sono meglio perché del vangelo. Ho visto un cambio in loro. Adesso hanno il vangelo nelle loro vite. Erano molto felici quando ricevono lo Spirito Santo e la rimissione dei peccati. Se loro potessero sorriso piu grande, sicuramente avrebbero impostato un record. Io sono molto emozionanto per il loro futuro nella chiesa come membri!

(English Translation)

Un sacco di amore,
Anziano Findlay

  1. A dank red sauce pasta I made.
  2. My birthday Briosco, gelato down here in Calabria is amazing by the way
  3. Our baptism squad pic


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