Fried Pockets of Mozzarella and Pomodoro Sauce

Ciao once again to those of you that actually read these,

It has been yet another week in Cosenza and the Calab (province of Calabria) and I’m still alive, so that’s good. Not much happened this week — we did a lot of walking around trying to get investigators. We hear the phrase “sono in fretta” I don’t know how many times. Which by the way if you don’t want to talk to someone there are so many better excuses than, “I’m in a hurry” especially when you’re an Italian who definitely doesn’t have work because everyone knows you’re not actually in a hurry. OK got that out out of my system. What’s actually tough right now is that during the day pretty much everyone in Cosenza goes to the sea and doesn’t return until 8:00 in the evening which makes finding real tough.

Besides that we have been doing a lot of new convert work with our Ghanan converts and they have a fourth friend we are still working with to get baptized so we still have lessons with them all the time. Besides that though we don’t have much. We have pretty much been dropped by all our investigators besides the Africans, so now all we have to do every day is go out and finding or hope for a service opportunity. Today is also the start of the next transfer and my companion Anziano Hansen will probably be leaving the city, so it will be all up to me to find some new investigators for the next transfer.

Also this week we helped one of our members out a ton with moving furniture into one of his 3 houses. He is super cool and had us come over to dedicate the house yesterday. He had me play the violin for them. I played “If You Could High to Kolob” for them and made all of them cry a bit. I also played in church yesterday as well. The members just love that I play violin. They asked me to play all sorts of tunes for them after church. However, apparently since I play the violin that also means to them that I play the piano, so I also had to try and play piano for sacrament meeting. That wasn’t so fun. In fact it was very rough. Maybe if I play enough though I’ll actually figure it out haha.

Comunque, una di mie cose preferite qua in sud Italia sono i panzerotti. Fondamentalmente loro sono pizze che sono piegate a metà e poi sono fritte. Come “pizza rolls” in America ma piu grande. Perché il mio collega andrà via abbiamo comprato queste 5 per i scorsi 7 gorni. Loro sono troppo buono. Dovreste provarli, specialmente tutti di voi che siete in Italia adesso.

Siete forti! Continuate a mantenere la conservazione!


Con Amore,
Anziano Findlay

PS for those of you who do read this and don’t just skip to the pics everything: thanks! Feel free to email me back if you ever want to.

  1. A Panzerotto, a fried pocket of mozzarella and pomodoro Sauce
  2. Tiramisu we had at a branch pranzo (lunch)
  3. Cheesecake we had there also
  4. A bad pic of the nicest park in Calabria, it’s in Catanzaro though not Cosenza

One thought on “Fried Pockets of Mozzarella and Pomodoro Sauce

  1. Hi Tyler – uhhh- Elder Findlay,
    I’ve been feeling guilty lately for not replying every week because I have been out of town. I just read 3 letters in a row, and now I feel even guiltier – if that is possible. It is always hard after a first rate baptism like you had, to build momentum again, It makes finding feel so unexciting. But remember it is so meaningful and important to keep up with the new members – especially taking a long time member with you to help them build connections. They need you more now than before to keep them going. They probably don’t come from a religious background that prepares them for so much church activity – especially on Sunday, and they frequently don’t bond easily with the members they’ve seen at church. I hope your frequent visits, expecially taking along a ward member, help them make the transition. It is even more important than finding for the first few weeks, even if it doesn’t help you increase your weekly numbers. Keep an eternal vision score instead, of the importance of teaching/or following up with them with the new member discussions. Your are doing such great work, and from all that was said in the April conference about working with refugees, you have just given these men the most important gift offered in their new freedom.

    Hang in there, and remember, discouragement is one of Satan’s favorite tools. So glad you are naturally an upbeat, positive guy.

    Lead on!!!


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