Managgia la Mistretta

Ciao tutti,

Well this week was pretty crazy! So, I actually got transferred to Mistretta. I thought for sure I’d be staying at least another transfer in Cosenza, but Presidente had other plans. In fact, Anziano Hansen stayed and became zone leader there which is crazy. I’m going to miss Cosenza, but Mistretta is a gorgeous town and I’m excited to do work here.

Mistretta is a super old Paesino at the top of some mountains on the northern coast of Sicilia. Most of Mistretta is ancient with houses dating back to the 1700s all the way to the 1300s. The one tough thing is that the town is tiny. I think I’ve already talked to half the people who live here; however, our area covers three other small towns at the base of the mountains by the sea. We will be able to keep busy. We are also moving down the mountain to one of these 3 cities, so luckily we will have some fresh faces to talk to soon. I also got to see Palermo and I will probably be spending most Pdays there except this one. We also have a car which is nice. It’s a good thing because we wouldn’t be able to get anything done without being able to drive between the cities.

Anyways, I didn’t think Gelato could get any better, but then I had some here in Sicilia and it blew my mind. I still haven’t had cannoli or arancini which apparently Sicilia is famous for, but I was fortunate to try some Palermo pizza which is likely the second best pizza in Italy only after Napoletano pizza. For those of you who don’t know what cannoli are they are essential a fried sweet crust filled with cream. They are supposed to be amazing down here. Arancini are little, fried rice balls that have bits of meat or other stuff mixed in them. I’ve hade some in Cosenza, but I didn’t think much of them; however, they are apparently the bomb-diggity down here. I’ll have to try them.

My new companion is Anziano Moscon. He is pretty cool. He’s really quiet, but has a great sense of humor. We will be just walking around the city trying to stop people and he will make a little side comment that will just kill me. He’s also quite the ukulele player, so he teaches me to play a bit each night after we get home.

Il lavoro qua a Mistretta è un po’ più deficile di Cosenza. Non ci sono tante persone qua, e la maggior parte delle queste persone hanno già conosciuto i missionari. Quasi tutti hanno sentito qualcosa della chiesa, e adesso non vogliono ascoltare di più. Però, so che c’è qualcuno pronto per il Vangelo. Devo continuare di lavorare affinché io possa ricevere le benedizioni per il mio lavoro. Io so che questa chiesa è vera e perché è vera devo aprire la mia bocca. Se io apro bocca mia, vedrò le persone che ascoltano.


Con amore,
Anziano Findlay

  1. A crazy old guy named Felix with his Harmonica and a brioss
  2. My African homies
  3. A castle in Mistretta
  4. My new companion Anziano Moscon and the view from the castle
  5. A cool view of Mistretta

One thought on “Managgia la Mistretta

  1. How fun to be in Sicilia. That is an area of Europe that Juli and I were not able to see. I will love seeing your pictures. It is fun to have a new area and new companion. Where in the US is he from?
    I have been to my 50th high school reunion, a visit with my brother Nick near Disneyland (and no we didn’t go there) and my sister Kathy in Orem as well as a visit with a friend in Idaho and then back home again, all in a week. Guess that explains how I missed writing you last week. I am so sorry, but it sure is nice to be back on line so i can read your emails. You are having a fabulous mission, so keep up the good work. Remember, the last place you were in hadn’t had a baptism in a few years, so you can do that here too, even though the area only has 3 tiny villages.
    Keep up the good work, and remember I love you,


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