Scambio with a Greeny

It’s incredible to think that exactly 6 months ago I was watching General Conference in the MTC in complete English. At that time I could hardly imagine the idea of watching it in Italian and actually getting something out of it. It’s incredible how much one can learn in almost 6 months of being out on mission. It’s also crazy to think that I’ve already been out for a full quarter of my mission. The time zips by out here. 3 1/2 transfers has felt like nothing, and in another 4 I’ll be writing about my year mark!

Everything is going well here in Sant’Agata. We are having some success with our investigator on baptism date. We have taught her the first 3 lessons and are hoping to start commandments this next week. We even got her to watch some of conference and she really liked it. She actually started crying during President Uchtdorf’s talk, so that was pretty cool.

We have also had some more success with finding. We found a couple during some casa a casa finding that will hopefully have a chance to read the Book of Mormon we left with them and find a way to come to church. Speaking of which we will start having church in our apartment! We will finally be having church in our own city! Hopefully this will really turn around the difficulty we’ve been having with getting people to come to church. Now they don’t have the excuse that it’s not in their city.

We did a scambio this week after district meeting. I took our district leader’s greeny, Anziano Mansell, back to Sant’Agata. He got a taste of what it’s like to serve in a small city instead of a big princess city like Palermo. He was chill about though and did his best to help the work out here. It was funny to serve with a Greeny for a day though. It made me realize how awful my Italian must have been when I was a new greeny. I had a couple good chuckles when I left him to hang dry while doing finding. He would try to talk to someone and then he would turn to me for how to say something and I would just shrug and watch him sweat. It was hilarious. Now I know how my trainer felt.

Con amore,
Anziano Findlay
No pics sorry

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