We finally have church in our city

We finally got church moved to our apartment. It was supposed to happen last week, but we didn’t have chairs, so we had to wait an extra week, but now we have a pulpit, chairs, a whiteboard and all the rest of what we needed. We held church yesterday here in our apartment and it went well. It was super weird because we had to run everything, and we’d never completely run a sacrament meeting like that before. We directed the meeting, blessed and passed the sacrament, gave the talks, and even directed the music. I’m hoping that we will be able to start delegating some of the responsibilities to our few members though, so we don’t have to take care of everything and they can all be involved.

Sadly we’ve pretty much been dropped by all our investigators. This puts us back to square one with finding. However, this isn’t that bad because at least this means we can focus our time on others who may have more time, interest, or drive to actually follow our invites. In fact because they all dropped us we were able to use some of our time that would have been spent on a lesson to do some more house to house finding. We ran into an older man and his niece that are willing to listen to our message, and want to read the Book of Mormon. We’ll keep our hopes up for them.

This next week is transfers, so it is pretty likely my current comp will be headed out somewhere else. He’s been in Sicilia for his entire mission so far. He thinks he’s headed up north, but I predict he’ll stay down here and head over to the Catania zone somewhere. As for me, I’ll probably stay here for at least another 6 weeks. I just gotta hope my next comp is cool and a good worker.

Adesso ho un piccolo pensiero spirituale. Stava ascoltando di una canzone del Coro di Tabernacolo. Si chiama “Questo è il Cristo”. Durante questo canzone c’è un testo che dice “hanno toccato le sue ferite nelle mani ed il fianco, ed ognuno testimonierebbe che, Questo è il Cristo.” Quindi, noi non possiamo toccare le sue ferite così. Non possiamo vedere per noi stessi il suo sacrificio, però questo non significa che no possiamo sapere per noi stessi. Questo è perché la fede è così importante. La fede è il modo in cui possiamo “toccare” le ferite di Gesù non fisicamente ma spiritualmente. Mediante la fede possiamo riconoscere il suo sacrificio perciò possiamo avvicinarci a lui. In chiusura la fede è la cosa più importante e basilare che c’è e dobbiamo sempre lavorare a sostenerlo.


Come sempre,
Anziano Findlay

Tyler and his companion at Palermo Zone Conference

Tyler and his companion at Palermo Zone Conference

Palermo Zone conference Oct. 2017

Palermo Zone conference Oct. 2017

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