Transfers and a bit of America

This week we had transfers and I am remaining here in Sant’Agata for at least one more transfer. Anziano Moscon is gone and now serving in Bari Poggia Franco as district leader. My new comp is Anziano Fryer. He’s really tall which gets people talking. He’s also really clean, which I’m not gonna lie our apartment has kind of needed that. Especially since we have church here now.

We got to do some service for some members in our branch. We helped them harvest olives which was super cool. Basically what they do is place nets all around and underneath each tree and then you come in with a this machine that shakes the branches and knocks the olives off onto the nets. The machine is essentially a long pole with a an almost hand-like end with little finger-like spines that shake back and forth. After as many of the olives as possible come off the tree they collect up the nets full of olives and put the olives into crates. The olives are then separated from the little branches and leaves using a what is almost like a really big strainer. Then, they take the olives and mash them up with a big stone wheel and train out all the oil. It’s quite an interesting and almost old fashion process, but the Italians are really good at what they do.

Con i trasferimenti c’è sempre un nuovo eccitamento. Spero che un nuovo collega accenderà una scintilla nel lavoro che non c’era prima. È interessante a vedere cosa cambierà e succederà con ogni nuovo missionario con cui faccio la missione. È sicuramente vero che ogni collega è diverso è porta una nuova vista della missione. Questo trasferimento potrebbe essere l’ultimo per me a Sant’Agata e spero che possa essere il migliore. Teneteci nelle vostre preghiere.


Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Findlay

  1. A really good pasta I had with peperoncini and another spice I don’t remember the name of
  2. An “American style ham-burger” from a cool place in Palermo, it was actually pretty close to the real deal
  3. The new comp Anziano Fryer
  4. There is an American store in Palermo and I couldn’t resist
  5. The American store
  6. The best pizza I’ve had to date, still hoping for that Napoli pizza though

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