6 months in Italia

This week was a blur. Honestly time seems to go by faster and faster every day I’m here. I realized I’m only a few days out from being in Italy for 6 months which means I’ve been out on the mission for already over 7 months. It honestly feels like just a week ago I was still in Cosenza not understanding anything going on around me and being hardly able to communicate the simplest of things. It’s amazing how much progress I’ve made in six months when I think about.

My new comp is pretty cool and a hard worker. He also is pretty decent at cooking and has a ton a recipes he gave me, so that’s always a plus. I took him to see the castle in Mistretta and we took some pics. And then after that we got to assist in the dedication of a member’s new home which was really cool. He is the brother of two of our other members, and he and his wife just moved from Bologna. It was cool to help them settle into their new home in Mistretta.

We were also able to meet with one of our investigators that had been hard to get a hold of for a while. We taught a her a lesson on the importance of reading the Book of Mormon in hopes that hat she’ll be able to start reading and gain a testimony of it. We are planning to also move onto commandments the next lesson, the problem though is that she is unable to come to church because of work. I’m not sure how we are going to get around it for now, but hopefully reading the Book of Mormon more will help her have the faith and desire to come and learn more. For now all we can do is invite her.

Questa settimana Dio mi ha dato di nuovo un esempio che lui ci da il successo quando vuole. La sola cosa che possiamo fare noi è di lavorare e seguire lo spirito. Stavamo facendo un po’ della ricerca ieri sera quando quest’esperienza è successa . Eravamo in giro per due ore e non c’era quasi nessuno fuori. Avevamo provato a parlare con ogni persona che avevamo visto, ma nessuno ci voleva parlare. Iniziavo a pensare che non c’era un motivo per fare della ricerca quel giorno perché non c’era nessuno con cui a parlare, ma poi ho visto una donna da solo con il suo cane. Ho deciso, “vabeh, proviamo una persona di più, non può farci male.” E poi, abbiamo parlato con questa donna per forse un ora della chiesa. Il mio motivo di questa storia è che a volte le cose sembrano deficile ma se noi andiamo un passo indietro e permettere le mani di Dio a guidarci possiamo sempre fare un buon lavoro perché serrebe secondo la sua volontà.


Happy Halloween!

Vi voglio una pizza di bene,

Anziano Findlay

  1. A cliche tag pic
  2. My comp and some mountains
  3. Comp unity
  4. I think I found a new cover photo

One thought on “6 months in Italia

  1. I love your tag pic, and since I’ve never seen that form of photo, I definitely don’t consider it cliche. However, now that I’ve seen it, I will probably copy it if and when I have the chance. I think the silhouette pic of you is very nice. So glad the Lord answered your prayers to have a hard working new comp, and that the hard work is paying off.
    I love getting your weekly letters, and want you to know that I am following thme closely, and a re so happy with all the progress you are making in every area. You are amazing and very special to me.
    Love you always,


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