⚽ZC stands for Zone Calcio⚽

This week has been full of doing finding and starting a new plan with the members to try and up the involvement in member missionary work and man is it exciting. With the help of the bishop, we’ve been splitting up the ward between us and the other missionaries in the ward. We are hoping to get the members excited to work with us and it’s been actually really great. Working closely with ward leaders has earned the trust of a lot of the members and we’ve seen so many examples already of members that want to get involved more which has been pretty great.

Also, we found a new investigator the other day who we will be passing of to the Sorelle. She is a contact we found from a while ago that seemed fairly interested, but we haven’t been able to make much work out until recently. She came to English course and for the spiritual thought we shared a bit of the restoration. Then we said the closing prayer as usual. Afterwards she came up to us and said that she felt the confirmation she needed while we were praying and that she wants to start taking the lessons. That was a miracle and a half, so I’ll be excited to see where that goes from here on out.

For Pday we played some zone calcio with both Rome Zones which was dope. Ya boy is getting pretty good at soccer these days (and by pretty good I actually I’m getting less terrible at soccer haha). Zone calcio was dope as usual though. Nobody got too injured, just a few pulled backs and a couple of braincells lost by taking shots to the face, but besides that all good. And if we hadn’t already shown little care for our bodies, we thought we’d end the afternoon of with some super cheap kebab. They say, the worse you feel after eating kebab, the better the place is…haha…Well that being said I guess this place wasn’t actually that great because nobody (as far as I know) got wrecked by it.

Forza Roma,
Anziano Findlay

and I actually have pictures this time, so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post for nothing now.

  1. A sick park in our area called Villa Ada
  2. I’m at legacy park everybody. We’ll the one in Rome anyways. (it just made me think of Lee’s Summit a bit)
  3. I thought this sunset was pretty cool.

Short and sweet

After a transfer and a week of hard work with not much to show we are finally starting to see some great growth in the work here. I think the repeating pattern I’ve seen here in the mission so far is that when one first gets to a new area those first few weeks are crucial no matter how disappointing they can be without many people to teach. If you just grind through them and work hard no matter the number of rude/uninterested responses you get, you will eventually see the fruits of your labors. However, those fruits will probably not come the way you expect because, like I’ve said before, we have no idea what God’s plan is all the time, but we do know that he has one. You just got to trust a little.

Anyways, we are starting to see some progress in a couple of our older investigators, and we were able to find a couple new ones this week too. Also, we have been trying to work more with church leaders, and ward members, and for some reason everyone just seems more excited to help with the work. For example, 2 members came to us during church asking us for copies of The Book of Mormon to give out to friends.

For pday we are just planning on chilling, playing some ping pong, and writing emails, so sorry, but once again I don’t have any cool sights to talk about or pictures to send. Rome is still dope though.

Vi voglio tanto bene,
Anziano Findlay

Great members are the bomb

Well, it’s transfer number 7, I’m still in Rome, with the same companion, on that same grind of transportation finding everyday cause we have to take a bus and metro to get anywhere. My comp and I have really been trying to talk to as many people as possible lately without worrying about what people think of us, and man have I noticed a difference. We probably stop upwards of about 25-30 people a day, now whether they actually listen to what we have to say is another story, but man do I feel way more accomplished when I get home each night.

Saldi started last week (in other words everything at the mall just dropped 50%-70% off), so we spent the morning getting some new proselyting clothes that were much needed. It really sucks that the US doesn’t have something like Saldi. Saldi might be the one thing Italy has over the States when it comes to business norms. What happens is for the last 1/2 or 1/3 of the season, everything goes on sale so the stores can clear out the star to prepare for the next season.

We also had a really great lesson this week. We invited a member to come who straight up nailed his part. It’s really quite astonishing what help members can bring to a lesson or to the work in general. For all of you members reading this back at home I got a few words of encouragement.

Maybe this will require a good Elder Holland quote, “I am going to get in your face a little, nose to nose, with just enough fire in my voice to singe your eyebrows a little—the way coaches do when the game is close and victory means everything.”
Go do some member missionary work! It works so much better if you as the members are there to help. You make lessons seem more normal, less formatted, and more personal. By introducing friends you bring people to the gospel that already have a member friend that can lead by example when the missionaries get transfered. So, get off the computer that you’re

reading this on, and go invite a friend to sacrament meeting or to a ward activity.

In bocca al lupo! Non siate fifoni!
Anziano Findlay

This is a really good Pizza that I ate. People always say Rome Pizza sucks, but for the record this is one of my favorite pizzas I've had here in Italy.

This is a really good Pizza that I ate. People always say Rome Pizza sucks, but for the record this is one of my favorite pizzas I’ve had here in Italy.

When In Rome, Do Pdays as the Roman Tourists Do

This week has been pretty great! We have been seeing a lot more success in finding lately and we are excited for this next week because we have a pretty big pool of contacts. Also we finally have solid plans to meet with one of our investigators who has been difficult to meet with because he is always busy with work. Also, we have been trying to get members more involved with our investigators, and it has really helped one of our investigators. He’s made good friends with two members in particular, and we’ve noticed he seems a lot more happy and open lately.

Today for Pday I got to see why the Rome Italy mission is the coolest mission in the world (or at least why Rome is sickest city ever). We visited the trevi fountain, the Spanish steps, the Pantheon. We skipped the Colosseo because we’ve already been by it like 3 or 4 times. Yeah, after proselyting in front of it, it just kinda becomes a normal part of the city, no big deal… Best Mission ever. Period.

This week I really saw the importance of prayer in the work. I’ve been trying to be more consecrated with my prayers by kneeling for personal and companion prayers, asking for blessings of success, and asking for help to come through my actions instead of only asking for blessings. I really saw the effects of it. I felt more guided by the spirit, and we saw a lot more success this week as far as finding new contacts goes.

Tonight we also have transfer calls. I’ll probably be staying here in Rome, and I would expect that my comp isn’t changing either, because we got blown in last transfer, but I guess you never really can know for sure. I’m excited to see what changes there will be in the district though.

In regards to President Monson, I am truly greatful for the opportunity I had to hear him speak and guide us throughout the growing years of my life. We are so lucky to have a loving prophet to guide and lead us in these latter days. I know that President was and is a true prophet of God and held the keys of authority to lead Christ’s church in this dispensation. I will always cherish the moment I got to shake his hand at the cultural celebration for the Kansas city Temple.

Questo trasferimento è stato troppo breve. Ma quando penso alle cose che abbiamo fatto, queste 6 settimane sembrano molte più lunghe. E la cosa più strana è che le sorelle nel nostro gruppo hanno già fatto un mezzo delle loro missioni. Il tempo qui va troppo veloce.


Vi voglio tanto bene,
Anziano Findlay

  1. The view of Piazza Del Popolo from villa Borghese
  2. The Spanish steps at piazza Spagna
  3. Trevi fountain
  4. The Pantheon

Yeah this stuff is all in my proselyting area… You can’t beat Rome.

New Year’s Goals

Happy new year everybody. For us missionaries out here in the Italy Rome Mission that means cleaning and cleaning the entire house, so I’m sorry in advance for the fact that I don’t have any photos, we didn’t do anything particularly interesting, so you’re not missing out on much.

We’ve really been seeing some blessings these last few weeks. We had an exchange this past week and while doing some house to house, my comp and his temporary companion were let into a house and put up 2 new investigators for the week. Then one of our English course students started meeting with us and came to church. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the next few months here in Rome. My comp and I have some big goals for this new year!

Speaking of goals. With the new year always comes goals and hopes for the better. That we as individuals can better ourselves by eating better, or working out more, spending more time with family, studying harder for school, and the list goes on. I think this mindset of goalsetting comes from the fact that, as humans, we are all too aware that we are, well, human. We are imperfect creatures that seem to make an incredible number of mistakes; however, we yearn to be better. This “new years mindset” makes me think of repentance. It makes me think of the fact that all of us have messed up in some way or another, and yet the option to change is always there, we simply must choose to take it. So this year along with your usual goals of starting that new diet, or going to the gym more, or keeping your room cleaner, whatever it may be, I invite you all to make a goal to repent. I invite you to find something you can do this year to better follow the perfect example of Christ.

Happy new year,
use it well