Bella Cosenza, and Happy Easter

Today I’m back in Cosenza to pick up my Permesso di soggiorno. Which is basically like a green card. Essentially, I’ve been an illegal citizen for the last year, and we’re just now fixing that. Most missionaries get there Permesso within the first 6 to 8 months, but… I’ve almost been here for a year now and I’m just barely getting mine. I’m excited to see my old stomping grounds and maybe even say hi to a few old friends.

Our train stopped in Napoli as well, and we had the chance eat some pizza. The pizza there really is incredible, however the first Napoli pizza I had a few months ago was better. Still, one can tell that Napoli is a sick city.

Also, this week we had zone conference. It was really good, and I got to see my old companion Anziano Moscon. He, Anziano Drenk, and I all served in Mistretta right in a row and we are the three district leaders of the zone. I thought that was pretty cool. Mistretta Anziani reppin! Also, the Anziano that took my place in Mistretta is also in our zone, so we got to have some good conversations about Mistretta and our experiences there.

Something that really hit me this week was the fact that there really is an opposition in all things. What I mean by that is sometimes, especially in missionary work, things feel like they aren’t going anywhere and it starts getting easy to become discouraged with failure, but then God makes sure to send a miracle or 2 your way and you remember again how awesome it is to be out here.

The mission is awesome. Punto. Basta

This email didn’ t send last week, so I’m just gonna send it all together in one big email.

As far as this past week, goes we found a super cool new investigator named Giancarlo that is really excited to take the lessons. Also, work with our members is slowly starting to grow. A couple of our members are really leading the way, and I’m excited to see where it will go once it becomes “normal” for the members to help more with the work. However, all this being said, the members here are great and excited to share the gospel, we just need to all figure out how to work together.

For Pday we went to a museum across town just in time for it to close. Then we decided to get pizza at a really good pizzeria we had heard about, that was also closed. Instead we just went home and cleaned. So, Pday wasn’t allowed l that exciting, but our house is clean now! …well some of it haha.

I’ll make sure next week we actually do something interesting for Pday that way I have some good pictures for all you guys that just scroll to the bottom to see them, and for all you that read, thanks for being diligent. Go ahead and give your self a pat on the back for being awesome.

Yours truly,
Anziano Findlay

This is a pizza I had in Napoli.

This is a pizza I had in Napoli. Da Michele’s arguably the best Margherita pizza in the world (cheese pizza for you all that don’t understand real pizza) it was really good, however we had it like right after the place opened, so it gets even better.

🤘🤘😲Craziest Week Ever!!!😲🤘🤘

Ha! Jk! Got ya with the click bait! This week was anything but crazy!

Since I’m spending Pday in the local questura waiting for an Anziano I barely even know get his fingerprints taken (which for the record takes an eternity because first off there are like 1000 immigrants here plus combine that with the unorganized government system of Italy and… well, you see the problem), so I figured I didn’t have a good excuse for not getting emails written. This Anziano’s appointment was at 8:30, but it’s now 9:33 and he’s still in the same spot as the line as he was 45 minutes ago, so I imagine I have plenty of time to get this done.

As far as work goes this week, we had an awesome lesson with an investigator named Mohammed. If you didn’t guess, he’s Muslim, which makes for a bit of an issue because it means he views religion in a very different way then we do, but luckily he used to be a religious studies professor, so he knows a thing or two about Christianity, and he’s interested to “try the experiment” as he said himself.

Shout out to Josh Savage for seeing i was active on Facebook messenger and hitting me up. Sorry I couldn’t talk to you on there. Sadly we can only use Facebook for proselyting purposes, but it really made my day to know that a friend back at home was excited to talk a bit with me.

As far as interesting things that happened this week… ummm… well, I was in a very small bus accident nobody got hurt, it was just a little fender bender, I guess this one trans guy got a bloody nose

from smacking his face on the seat in front of him, but nothing worse than that. I ate some Arab food that was super good. Also, I made a really good strawberry, banana, and kiwi smoothie. Other than that our week was pretty uneventful. We took like 5 bidones, which always just means half of what we end up doing is finding. We found some cool potentials though!

Anyways, that’s all I got for the week, I’ll try to do something cool this week so I have something to tell you all about.

Til next time,
Anziano Findlay

  1. In case you skipped straight to the pictures, heres a recap of what you missed this week…
  2. Investigator, missionary, member squad

And then there was 1… year left

Sorry, another short one, but here are some pictures. I really need to schedule out more time to write these.

Love you all! I’ll being seeing most of you in about a year from now! Already only a year left… This is super weird to think about. I feel like I’ve only been here for a few months.
Anziano Findlay
Don’t have time to label these, but they are mostly of my last little bit in Rome and then a funny Rick and Morty hat I saw at the mall.