Ci dobbiamo sforzare un po’

This week has been pretty sick. We had five in church and we hit both of our district goals for the month which was awesome. We actually out did our in church goal by quite a bit, so this next month we’ve upped the challenge a little bit. Its honestly pretty cool to be a district leader and see the relation between the district goals we make and the zone goals we work towards. I feel like there is a cool perspective you get on the mission goals when you are one of the people pushing your district/zone to hit the goal. You get to see a lot of the work from each individual person that goes into each goal. hopefully we”ll be able to stretch ourselves even more this next month and reach some even more prestigious goals.

Tomorrow we’re having a big ward activity, and we are hoping also to have a several contacts and investigators come. I made Tiramisu for it which was fun except that it pretty much took half of my pday. We didn’t do anything special for pday either. Just cooked, cleaned, and shopped. But the Tiramisu looks great! Too bad I forgot to take photos, so you wont get to see it til next week!

Well I don’t have much else to say. I’ll try and do something cool next week so I have something interesting to write about haha. One thought I had though was the fact that so many people dream of traveling and going to countries like Italy or France and then when they finally go they get to spend a couple weeks getting to see the tourist version of only the bigger more well known cities. Then they go home without ever really getting a chance to understand the culture, language, or people and will probably never come back to see those things again. But, because I’m a missionary, I get to stay here for 2 years, eat real Italian food all the time, make friends with the people, speak Italian, see the cool sights, and help people better there lives all at the same time! And you better believe I’m coming back to visit a couple times haha. But being here really is a once in a life time chance, and I’m so grateful to get to be here!

Forza Italia, Forza Roma,
Anziano Findlay

    1. Bel tramonto
    2. La Catedrale di Foggia


One thought on “Ci dobbiamo sforzare un po’

  1. Aunt Juli and I had a fantastic time backpacking there and spent a lot of time with the people. We even received 2 dinner invites from locals – one was from the ward we attended. It is such a warm and friendly country. Thanks for all the emails that help me remember the great times we had. I am so delighted to hear about the great time you are having. Keep up the great work.


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