Padre Pio Land

We went to San Giovanni Rotondo today for pday which is famous for being the death and “burial” place of the infamous Padre Pio, hence the name Padre Pio land. I would be willing to argue that in Italy there are more statues or tributes of/to Padre Pio than Jesus Christ, and you can imagine that here in his home city that difference is multiplied. It’s funny because San Giovanni (St. John) isn’t even pictured or mentioned once and I’m pretty sure that is their Patron Saint. The Catholic church really confuses me sometimes. But man do they know how to do stain glass!

As far as the work goes, things are going well. We will be preparing an investigator, Luigi, for baptism not this weekend, but the following weekend, and we are super excited for that! Hopefully he will be completely ready when the day comes around. We are so pumped! Also, we have been teaching one of Luigi’s friends, Marco. Marco has been going through down trials in his life lately and it is so cool go see the positive affect our message has on him and his family. We were able to give him a little tour of the Church, and he said he would like to come and see our sacrament meeting sometime! Maybe even this next week!

The mission really is pretty cool especially here in Italy. You get to meet some great people, see some great places, eat some incredible food, and over all see some incredible changes in your life and more importantly in the lives of others. It truly is a special experience to be out here.

Have a great week!
Anziano Findlay

  1. An extremely great and spacious chapel\
  2. Beautiful stain glass windows
  3. Padre Pio, people cry, pray to, and leave lots of money at his dead body that then just gets taken by the church. It’s an interesting view on religion…

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