Zone Conference in Cagliari

It has been yet abother fantastic week out here in Cagliari. We had Zone Conference this week which means there were many hours spent stressing over 2 hours worth of addestramenti, but in the end everything went well!

We have been trying to set up a lot more appointments with members because we realized that from our mission’s biannual reports that our rate of baptisms from member referrals is just as high as our baptisms from personal contacting, and we spend a lot more time doing personal contacting. Although, I do have to say that I kind of enjoy personal contacting. I guess that’s what I was “raised on” as a young missionary.

Anyways, this pday we went and did a sick hike to a light house and a World War 2 fort and anti aircraft bunkers. It was pretty cool and and the countryside is gorgeous. Every time we go and do fun stuff like that for pday, it reminds just how sick this mission is.

Forza Italia
Anziano Findlay

Pictures from our pday hike today:

Zone Conference:

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