I had to say goodbye this week to the Great Sardegna zone and hello to a fat Margherita pizza brought to you by Pellone, one of the greatest pizzerie in the world. This week I got transferred to Battipaglia, a small city near Salerno, which is about an hour train ride from Napoli. It is a cute little city that is known for the best Mozzarella in the world.

We hit the ground running and we are already starting to see some awesome miracles in the work we are doing! We found some new people to teach and a handful of really promising potentials that we are excited for for next week. Battipaglia is a bit of a smaller city, but it is lit! Especially with Salerno so close by. The church will be moving to Salerno in a month or two so that means it is just gonna get cooler!

This week I had some Mozarella di Buffala, Napolitano pizza, and this new thing that I’ve never heard of, sfogliatella, which is a weird, extremely flaky, cream-filled pastry that is actually pretty good. I enjoyed every bit of it, but now I’ve gotta attack the day extra hard in the morning to get rid of all of it.

For pday today we went up to Napoli and romped around the Centro for a bit and took some of the cheesy pictures that half the missionaries in the mission use as profile pic. It was super windy so we decided to go down to the sea and take some cool pictures of the waves and Mt. Vesuvius as well. It’s all just another testimony to me that this is the coolest mission ever. We can just hop on a train or a bus and be in one of the most famous or most beautiful places in the world, and then we can still be back in time to eat some of the best food in the world, and then after it all go out and speak one of the prettiest languages in the world to accomplish the most important work… in the world. Punto. Basta.

So long,
Anziano Napolitano

  1. Pellone Margherita
  2. Stormy photo of Vesuvio
  3. Me and a big famous building in Napoli


Transfer to Battipaglia

Our transfer calls got changed to Monday mornings and because we will have mission conference next transfer, this transfer ends a week early, so we got our transfer news! I am going to Battipaglia! Land of the best mozzarella cheese in the world! Also, the Amalfi coast is in my area… I am super sad to leave Cagliari though. I am leaving it on a high note though!