8 Cows

I looked at the calendar earlier this week and my jaw dropped because I realized I only had exactly a month left in the mission. Each day is getting more and more valuable, so I have to spend these last few weeks well.
This week we found some really cool potentials and were even blessed with a cool new person to teach that came as a complete but very welcome surprise. He was invited to church by his friend. So for all you at home wanting to help the missionaries, invite a friend to church and introduce them. I’m sure your local missionaries would be more than happy to talk to them for a bit!
Lately, my companion and I have been watching church media videos at night before we go to bed. This week we watched Johnny Lingo (cult classic), Only a Stone Cutter, and the story of John Tanner. For this coming week, we have both seasons of “The District”. I realized while watching them that I’m pretty sure the reason why the church media library exists is to entertain missionaries and then every once in a while entertain the occasional seminary or youth Sunday school class haha. They are well-done films though. Most of them bring a sincere smile to the face, (…and some of them just make you laugh a bit) if you are in need of a good laugh go watch “The Phone Call”.
Anyway, Italy is just amazing, today for Pday we went to Sorrento again and did a hike to the Bagni della Regina Giovanna, which is this really cool cove that was used as a bath for the royalty in Napoli. It is such a beautiful place. The water was incredibly clear and smooth like glass with a cool blue tint. It is really something.
The next couple of weeks will be exciting. I’ll try and be better about keeping you all updated for the remainder of my time here!
But for now, ’til next week!

Anziano Findlay

Pictures from Pday!