It’s Thanksgiving already?!

This week was a little slower, but we still managed to make it a great one. We did plenty of finding and a good amount of teaching. We are working on growing that pool of serious people to teach and hopefully some of them will really start showing potential. We have a few people that are really taking in the lessons we are teaching them, it is just a matter of meeting them and helping them make time to come to church, read the Book of Mormon, pray, and so on.

This week for pday we went to Napoli again and got some ties and checked out the famous “Christmas street” as it has been dubbed by missionaries. It’s basically this street where they have these cool hand made nativity sets and all these Christmas things. But the crowning moment of the day was the Sorbillo Margherita con Mozzarella di bufala that we had for lunch. Well worth the hour wait we put in outside just waiting for the table. Pizza just does not get better than the Sorbillo Margherita and the Pellone Diavola.

This week the Christmas season has really started to pick up here. People are putting up lights, Christmas trees are appearing in people’s windows, ciobar hot chocolate, panetone, and pandoro are all back on the shelves in stores, and people are even starting to listen to Christmas music! You know it’s kind of cool that at such a festive time of year our country takes time to give thanks to our veterans, who made our way of life possible through their sacrifices, and to God for all that we have been given. It is cool that we start our festivities off by humbling ourselves a little and showing gratitude for what we have however big or small. Something that has been on my name lately is the idea of Sacrifice and what it means. Sacrifice is something that nobody desires to do at least not without a worthy purposed to do it, but that is so common in our daily lives it is stunning. Making sacrifices can be one the greatest ways to show love for something or someone. It can be a sign of great humility when someone chooses to give up something of their own for the betterment of those around them. It is this love and humility that we celebrate during Veterans day and Thanksgiving. We show our gratitude for the sacrifices of men and women who gave themselves up for the betterment of the world around them. We celebrate also the abundance we have and the happiness it brings us to share it, so this holiday season keep those feelings of gratitude with you as you take part in festivities and honor the greatest sacrifice of all, that of the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ whose birth we glorify at this time of year!

  1. Dying in style
  2. Best Margherita pizza on the planet
  3. Most expensive pizza on the planet
  4. Bella Napoli

Miracles and Amalfi…

This week the Lord’s hand has been very evident in the work. We had a lessons last night with 5 people present 3 of which were friends of the original couple we had found a couple of weeks before. We answered their questions, bore witness of the Restoration of the Gospel and invited them each to read the Book of Mormon. We even mentioned to them that one day it they feel ready they can be baptized and they would be totally down if they were to receive that important witness!

Also we taught this man and his 91 year old Mom that were super interested in the restored church and the idea that there are living prophets that speak with God in these days. They were super funny and the Mom didn’t have any teeth, so she was super hard to understand, but we had some good laughs and read some great things in the scriptures together!

Then today for pday we went to Amalfi and then did a hike and what is called the Trail of the Gods that stretches from a small city North west of Amalfi to a Town right near by Positano. The whole sea front stretching from Salerno to Sorrento is a beautiful cascade of cliffs, mountains, and forest called the Amalfi Coast. It is credited as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We took photos along the various cliffs, overhangs, and outlooks and even stopped to eat Pranzo at a particularly beautiful cliff on the upper part of the trail. It was breathtaking to say the least and it is definitely on my list of places to go back to some day.

The mission is literally so cool… and not just because ours is so beautiful. The things I’ve learned here and the friendships I’ve made are irreplaceable! This is the coolest service ever.

Keep on grindin’
Anziano Escursionista


I had to say goodbye this week to the Great Sardegna zone and hello to a fat Margherita pizza brought to you by Pellone, one of the greatest pizzerie in the world. This week I got transferred to Battipaglia, a small city near Salerno, which is about an hour train ride from Napoli. It is a cute little city that is known for the best Mozzarella in the world.

We hit the ground running and we are already starting to see some awesome miracles in the work we are doing! We found some new people to teach and a handful of really promising potentials that we are excited for for next week. Battipaglia is a bit of a smaller city, but it is lit! Especially with Salerno so close by. The church will be moving to Salerno in a month or two so that means it is just gonna get cooler!

This week I had some Mozarella di Buffala, Napolitano pizza, and this new thing that I’ve never heard of, sfogliatella, which is a weird, extremely flaky, cream-filled pastry that is actually pretty good. I enjoyed every bit of it, but now I’ve gotta attack the day extra hard in the morning to get rid of all of it.

For pday today we went up to Napoli and romped around the Centro for a bit and took some of the cheesy pictures that half the missionaries in the mission use as profile pic. It was super windy so we decided to go down to the sea and take some cool pictures of the waves and Mt. Vesuvius as well. It’s all just another testimony to me that this is the coolest mission ever. We can just hop on a train or a bus and be in one of the most famous or most beautiful places in the world, and then we can still be back in time to eat some of the best food in the world, and then after it all go out and speak one of the prettiest languages in the world to accomplish the most important work… in the world. Punto. Basta.

So long,
Anziano Napolitano

  1. Pellone Margherita
  2. Stormy photo of Vesuvio
  3. Me and a big famous building in Napoli


Transfer to Battipaglia

Our transfer calls got changed to Monday mornings and because we will have mission conference next transfer, this transfer ends a week early, so we got our transfer news! I am going to Battipaglia! Land of the best mozzarella cheese in the world! Also, the Amalfi coast is in my area… I am super sad to leave Cagliari though. I am leaving it on a high note though!

Magic in Cagliari

Not a lot of time this week, so this will be quick. This past week we were able to put 2 of the people we are teaching on date for the 21st of October. They are both super excited and I hope that as we continue to teach them that they will continue to grow their excitement and their testimonies of the restored gospel! October is going to be such a blessed month!

We also had transfers. I am staying here in Cagliari and my companion Anziano Becker is headed off to Napoli to probably finish his mission as ZL there. My new companion is Anziano Bardsley! Another companion from my MTC group! We are already hitting it off and I am so excited for this next transfer! I love this city and I love this mission!

Being a missionary is awesome,
Anziano Findlay

Weird Fish

This week has been full of weird fish, Roman Necropoli, and the usual finding, but this time in a new awesome part of town that we have never tried before.

To explain the Fish, we were invited by some potentials to go to a feastival with them. It ended up being a complete waste of time, but we got to eat some weird fish! it was good, but also kind of gross.

The new area we went to is called Poetto. It is near the beach (don’t worry, we didn’t get close to the beach) but that means there were lots of people to talk to also, the moon was beautiful that night, so we got some good pictures too.

Finally, for Pday we went and saw these cool Roman tombs. It was really sick!

Anyways, I gotta go, but just in case I don’t see ya, Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Zone Conference in Cagliari

It has been yet abother fantastic week out here in Cagliari. We had Zone Conference this week which means there were many hours spent stressing over 2 hours worth of addestramenti, but in the end everything went well!

We have been trying to set up a lot more appointments with members because we realized that from our mission’s biannual reports that our rate of baptisms from member referrals is just as high as our baptisms from personal contacting, and we spend a lot more time doing personal contacting. Although, I do have to say that I kind of enjoy personal contacting. I guess that’s what I was “raised on” as a young missionary.

Anyways, this pday we went and did a sick hike to a light house and a World War 2 fort and anti aircraft bunkers. It was pretty cool and and the countryside is gorgeous. Every time we go and do fun stuff like that for pday, it reminds just how sick this mission is.

Forza Italia
Anziano Findlay

Pictures from our pday hike today:

Zone Conference:

Italy is Amazing

It has been two long weeks in the dark, and I am so sorry about that…actually I’m not all that sorry. But that’s because I actually have some sick stuff to share with you all. We had a baptism last Sunday, and then yesterday he got confirmed. His name is Sandro Farci, and he is literally a stud. He’s been reading the Book of Mormon and he has already almost finished it a second time. He had hit rock bottom when he was found. He had lost his job and his family and was depressed and on at the end of his ropes, but the change that reading the Book of Mormon and following our invites brought to him was incredible. He is now happy and excited for life and loves to learn about Christ and share with others what he knows. His entire outlook has changed thanks to the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel.

We also did a sick hike of a place called Devil’s Saddle, so I have some sick pictures to send home. Then today we went and had a nice Sardo meal as a district. It was really good. Probably the best shrimp I’ve ever had. Sometimes I sit back and think about how awesome it is to a be a missionary in the coolest mission in the world. It is literally incredible to be here. The countryside is beautiful, the food is the best in the world, the fashion and style is some of the most elegant and also affordable, the people are some of the most interesting (in a cool way and like a mental illness), and culture is one of the richest.

Italy is amazing,
Anziano Findlay

1-3. View from Devil’s Saddle