Zone Calcio

This week was pretty chill, but this next week is about to get lit. We have Zone conference and I am tryna get so hyped to do some big things up here in Foggia. We have a few families on the table to become new investigators, its just a matter of contacting them and giving them some chances to accept our message.

This week for pday we came up to Bari for interviews and Zone conference, so we played zone calcio which was great.

Also, shout out to Anziano Baker! We had a sick scambio in Foggia, and thanks to it all a set of members that haven’t come to church in years finally came back!

Things are awesome here! Being a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ is the best calling ever! And its even cooler when you are in ­čç«­čç╣ the coolest mission ever ­čç«­čç╣

As always,

Anziano Findlay


I really need to save some time for emails

Well I have failed once again to save myself enough time to write proper emails, but transfers have happened and Anziano Sellers has left me to fend for Foggia with a new comp. named Anziano Hinckley. Yes he is related to President Hinckley. No it is not a close relationship. That takes care of that question.

Foggia is doing great! We are still having some good success. We didn’t do anything cool for Pday today, but I did have time to clean which was much needed.

Anyways, to all you all back at home, say “whats up” to the states for me and for you all on missions. Keep up the good work.

Yours Sincerely,
Anziano not so sincere Findlay
(JK love yall)

  1. Outskirts of Foggia
  2. Childhood
  3. Saying goodbye to Anziano Sellers

Weekly lett-… I mean photos

Well I don’t have a ton of time to write everybody this week, but I do have a ton of photos, so for those of you genuine people who truly care to read weekly missionary emails 1. Your awesome, and 2. I have to apologize, but I’m not gonna be super genuine here.

As far as the work goes we now have 3 people on date for baptism with possibly a few more on the way! It’s awesome to see the work is starting to ripen here.

Today for p-day we went to a cool city called Barletta to check out a castle, but sadly it was closed, however we got some cool pics around the city.

Also we had an awesome ward party and we actually got a few new potentials from it, so that was dope!

Anyways, I hope everything is still sick on the States and wherever on the world y’all are that are reading this shout out to my other friends on missions. Keep teachin’ repentance and baptizing converts!

Yours truly,
Anziano Funday


Ci dobbiamo sforzare un po’

This week has been pretty sick. We had five in church and we hit both of our district goals for the month which was awesome. We actually out did our in church goal by quite a bit, so this next month we’ve upped the challenge a little bit. Its honestly pretty cool to be a district leader and see the relation between the district goals we make and the zone goals we work towards. I feel like there is a cool perspective you get on the mission goals when you are one of the people pushing your district/zone to hit the goal. You get to see a lot of the work from each individual person that goes into each goal. hopefully we”ll be able to stretch ourselves even more this next month and reach some even more prestigious goals.

Tomorrow we’re having a big ward activity, and we are hoping also to have a several contacts and investigators come. I made Tiramisu for it which was fun except that it pretty much took half of my pday. We didn’t do anything special for pday either. Just cooked, cleaned, and shopped. But the Tiramisu looks great! Too bad I forgot to take photos, so you wont get to see it til next week!

Well I don’t have much else to say. I’ll try and do something cool next week so I have something interesting to write about haha. One thought I had though was the fact that so many people dream of traveling and going to countries like Italy or France and then when they finally go they get to spend a couple weeks getting to see the tourist version of only the bigger more well known cities. Then they go home without ever really getting a chance to understand the culture, language, or people and will probably never come back to see those things again. But, because I’m a missionary, I get to stay here for 2 years, eat real Italian food all the time, make friends with the people, speak Italian, see the cool sights, and help people better there lives all at the same time! And you better believe I’m coming back to visit a couple times haha. But being here really is a once in a life time chance, and I’m so grateful to get to be here!

Forza Italia, Forza Roma,
Anziano Findlay

    1. Bel tramonto
    2. La Catedrale di Foggia


Perks of being American

So this week has been pretty sick! We had zone conference which was awesome! We talked a lot about faith and our motivation for coming out here. It was actually kind of a cool time to talk about that again seeing as I’m about exactly halfway through my time here in Italy.

We’ve also seen some awesome things happen in the work. We had been struggling as a district to get people into church and I was worried we would have trouble reaching our district goal of 12 investigators in church, but then in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a total of 7 investigators which puts us at 10 for the month, and we should easily be able to smash that goal this next week! Setting and reaching big goals is probably one of the most satisfying things about missionary work and life for that matter.

For pday today we went to a little city called Manfredonia and we checked out a really cool castle. The coolest part was that there was this high school class learning about tour guide work. They were in the middle of what seemed to be lecture of some kind when we waled by. One of them asked where we were from and we said America, and they literally started cheering and clapping and swarmed around us. The teacher took the opportunity to have the class give us a free tour around the castle as a way to help them put into practice what they studied. It was so cool haha. Being From America is the best!

I’ve gotta say, I’m going to miss all the cool friends I have out here from doing cool stuff like that.

Anyways, the mission is great! We have the coolest mission in the world here in Italy.

Keep it classy,

Anziano Findlay


Octopus after soccer… Yummy

Happy Monday everybody. For all you back in America that aren’t missionaries, you probably don’t like Mondays, but for us here in Italy and for most missionaries as a matter fact and even for most Italians, Mondays are our Saturdays. Well, for Italian southerners everyday is like Saturday other than the fact that on Monday it’s hard to find a good Pizzeria that’s open or to get haircut.

As for us, we enjoyed some good Calcio and some good octopus panzarotti! As well as some much needed Gelato.

Calcio was sick, poor Anziano Pesci wasn’t expecting to get wrecked for his last Zone Calcio, but when you go against a couple a studs like what we had on our team you’ll end up going home empty handed haha JK don’t worry, we didn’t let the situation get too “competitive”.

As for the work, it’s looking good. We’ve had some good success with finding, and we have a few more people lined up for this next week as well. The lord really blesses ya when you put in the work necessary, it just takes a bit sometimes haha.

Hoping your all well,
Anziano Findlay

  1. Octopus panzarotto
  2. Our 2 Nigerian investigators came to church
  3.  Zone Calcio!

Transfer 9! We’re almost in double digits!

As far as transfers go along with my companion Anziano Sellers. In fact, our entire district is staying the same, granted there are only 2 companionships here.

The work is starting to move along into a rythm as well. One of our investigators has had a living situation problem for a while, but he’s getting married soon, so he’ll be all ready to get baptized in June. There’s still a lot we need to help him with, but he’s making some great progress towards baptism.

For Pday today we visited a cool store where you can buy the cool silver rings for like 10 bucks along with a bunch of other interesting “zen” stuff. The guy that owns the place is an old investigator that we want to try and reach out to again. He is super impressed by Mahatma Ghandi, so I think turn he made a store selling all sorts of Hindu, Buddha, and middle-asia and Indian items. It’s a cool shop fool of some cool stuff. I was gonna buy a ring, but sadly they didn’t have any I liked in my size, so maybe I’ll have to go back some time to get one. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of the shop, but I’ll be sure to take some next time.

Next Pday is the day before Zone conference, so imagine we’ll have a pretty fun Pday that day since we’ll have to be in Bari, so I promise I’ll have pictures of more than just food haha.

‘Till, next week,

Anziano Findlay

  1. A really good Carbonara i made

  2. A really good Rag├╣ I made with some gnocchi Anziano Sellers made

Transfer Calls

Tonight is transfer calls which means I’ll be heading into my 9th! That’s my last single digit transfer! I wonder if this is the same weird old feeling I’ll get when I turn 30 in real life haha.

Anyways, this week was good. We scambioed it up in Bari with my boys Anziani Pesci and Jackson. We taught some sick lessons, watched some sick general conference with some Ukrainian homies – we’ll be turnin’em into Ukrainian investigators this week if time permits – and just as usual preachin the good word. For Pday we attempted to play tennis, but no one else had really ever played, so I ended up takin them on 1 on 3 and still winning *brushes dirt off shoulder while yawning.

Anyways, sorry this is incredibly short I’m starting to lose all voglia to actually write these especially when I can go play some tennis instead, so I’ll let you all know what happens with tranfers next week!

Anziano Roger Federer

  1. District tennis pic
  2. I found cutco knives!
  3. Old comp Anziano Moscon, probably won’t seem him again during the mission so it was good to say hi
  4. Crazy Catholic Easter procession in Bari
  5. We made spaghetti-O’s because we ran out of normal pasta
  6. Sick car that started parking outside our house

Bella Cosenza, and Happy Easter

Today I’m back in Cosenza to pick up my Permesso di soggiorno. Which is basically like a green card. Essentially, I’ve been an illegal citizen for the last year, and we’re just now fixing that. Most missionaries get there Permesso within the first 6 to 8 months, but… I’ve almost been here for a year now and I’m just barely getting mine. I’m excited to see my old stomping grounds and maybe even say hi to a few old friends.

Our train stopped in Napoli as well, and we had the chance eat some pizza. The pizza there really is incredible, however the first Napoli pizza I had a few months ago was better. Still, one can tell that Napoli is a sick city.

Also, this week we had zone conference. It was really good, and I got to see my old companion Anziano Moscon. He, Anziano Drenk, and I all served in Mistretta right in a row and we are the three district leaders of the zone. I thought that was pretty cool. Mistretta Anziani reppin! Also, the Anziano that took my place in Mistretta is also in our zone, so we got to have some good conversations about Mistretta and our experiences there.

Something that really hit me this week was the fact that there really is an opposition in all things. What I mean by that is sometimes, especially in missionary work, things feel like they aren’t going anywhere and it starts getting easy to become discouraged with failure, but then God makes sure to send a miracle or 2 your way and you remember again how awesome it is to be out here.

The mission is awesome. Punto. Basta

This email didn’ t send last week, so I’m just gonna send it all together in one big email.

As far as this past week, goes we found a super cool new investigator named Giancarlo that is really excited to take the lessons. Also, work with our members is slowly starting to grow. A couple of our members are really leading the way, and I’m excited to see where it will go once it becomes “normal” for the members to help more with the work. However, all this being said, the members here are great and excited to share the gospel, we just need to all figure out how to work together.

For Pday we went to a museum across town just in time for it to close. Then we decided to get pizza at a really good pizzeria we had heard about, that was also closed. Instead we just went home and cleaned. So, Pday wasn’t allowed l that exciting, but our house is clean now! …well some of it haha.

I’ll make sure next week we actually do something interesting for Pday that way I have some good pictures for all you guys that just scroll to the bottom to see them, and for all you that read, thanks for being diligent. Go ahead and give your self a pat on the back for being awesome.

Yours truly,
Anziano Findlay

This is a pizza I had in Napoli.

This is a pizza I had in Napoli. Da Michele’s arguably the best Margherita pizza in the world (cheese pizza for you all that don’t understand real pizza) it was really good, however we had it like right after the place opened, so it gets even better.