Fuggi da Foggia

Last week was transfer calls. I thought for sure I would be staying in Rome, but today I find myself in the cute little town of Foggia. It’s a pretty good sized city, but after serving in Rome everything feels way smaller. The Ward is super cool, and our bishop is great. They are also all very missionary-work oriented it seems which is super cool and should make it much easier to work along side them. The finding here isn’t too bad either.  The people here are actually really open to  which is nice, and there is a pretty good sized centro where there seems to be a good amount of people. This is also the first city I’ve come into where there was actually good work when I came in which is sick. Shout out to Anziano Smith for that.

This week for pday we played zone calcio. It started to lightly drizzle on us, and despite being incredibly cold, we wouldn’t let that ruin our fun. Then the rain turned into very light sleet, but that still couldn’t dappen our spirits. Then finally it started coming down a lot harder and we figured we should probably check out a bit early, but it was fun while it lasted. We got some good pics of us that’ll probably have next week so I’ll send those out later.
Anyways, I’m running a bit late for the day, so this one is short again, but I wish you all a good week!

Castel Gandolfo

Well I don’t have much time because we actually did something for pday for a change. Usually we just kick it at the house or play some sports since we’ve already seen a lot of the city, but today we went to a little town called Castel Gandolfo. its basically where the pope goes to relax in the summer if that tells you anything about how gorgeous it is. anyways sorry this is so short, but I gotta run!

Rome = dope

You know, it’s a pretty good feeling to wake up each morning knowing you’re in Rome Italy spending each day making people happy by sharing a simple but powerful message of the restoration with them. Every day I wake up and think, “dang! I’m in Rome right now! I could be in Pocatello, Idaho or like Haiti, but instead I’m in Rome. The thousand year old city.” And it is so dope.

This week was pretty sick. I felt like a lot of the things I had learned up to this point kind of became evident. My comp and I taught some killer restoration lessons, and we got all set up to do it again next week. Being out here really does teach a person a lot. About themselves, about their desires, about their skills, but most of all it teaches a person how to trust in the Lord and go to work.

We’ve really been seeing the power of the message of the restoration affect the hearts of those we’ve taught this last week. From members to investigators to random people on the bus/street, I’ve seen how this message brings peace to lives of those who have heard. If you are reading this and you can’t answer the question, “how has the restoration changed my life for the better?”, call up your ward’s missionaries or the local missionaries of your area and ask them to come teach you the restoration, and invite a friend over to hear it too.

With love,
Anziano Findlay

  1. I made some Birthday Banana Bread for my comp (it actually turned out pretty good too)
  2. Yep. this is in my proselyting area. Rome is dope.

Like a thief in the night

We got robbed!
Don’t worry mom they didn’t take anything valuable. Just a couple of our tablets and phones. And luckily for me, nothing of mine was taken. The violin is still safe, and let’s just say I’m probably going to be a little more careful with it now that I know how easy it is for someone to break into our apartment. The crazy thing is that one of the other missionaries got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and kind of scared him off. He said he heard him shuffle out to the balcony that he got in on, but at the time he assumed it was his companion. I was just a little freaked that there was some stranger wandering around our house while we were all asleep. I guess the blessing is now I actually have something interesting to tell you all about my week haha.

I’m just kidding though, we actually did have a pretty great week. We’ve been meeting with more members lately because of our new goal to get the ward more involved with the work. It has been cool to get to know them and we are so excited to start following up with them and seeing how they have been able to get involved. Also this week we’ve been able to find a lot more contacts and we’re excited to see where are numbers could be at next week with all the potential we have.

This past fast Sunday was really nice because we got to hear some really cool testimonies of the members hear. I’m always impressed how sensitive the Italian people can be to promptings of the spirit. They pretty much take everything as a sign from God. Which is funny because sometimes it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s also really cool because it shows that they really care a lot about following the spirit. And sometimes, it really does make a big difference.

This week for P day we played some ultimate Frisbee which was super fun, and made me realize I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Frisbee in Italy before. I didn’t realize how American Frisbee was. So for you back in the states, if you ever need something to be grateful for, just remember we have Frisbee in America.

Yours truly,
Anziano Findlay

And some photos

We played some Rome Ultimate Frisbee, it was dope